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Bill Nye is No Longer a Great Science Guy

Over the years, Bill has transformed from the fun, apolitical, exploratory science guy that I treasured into a flashy suit filled with left-wing talking points. He has shifted from being a childhood scientific icon to a cultish leader of the left. The silly theme song has morphed from an energetic and fun "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" to the boring and painful "Pill, pill......pillllllll........poison" that I have to swallow with my regular digest of news. In fact, I tune out most of the time when Bill Nye starts to talk now.

Does this Offend You?

I don't think depictions of art like this are necessarily a bad thing because it helps us realize if we are being partisan hacks and hypocrites. That being said, I don't like depictions of anyone's head being in anyone's hand. I would be just as offended at this picture if the head were Hitler.

Truth-Tellers Be Warned

The world does not treat truth-tellers nicely in their times. Individuals starting at top middle then going clockwise: Socrates, Giordano Bruno, Abinadi, Apostle Peter, Muhammad, William Tyndale, St Stephen, Joseph Smith. Middle: Jesus Christ.

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