Does this Offend You?


This is the real image poorly photo-shopped to make the point.

Offensive art orig

Here is a link to the story.

In this last year, there were riots at a different college campus over someone that would only speak offensively and never advocated for such violence that I am aware. Could you imagine the outrage and amount of burning buildings, riots, boycotts, and media attention this would get if a public university campus displayed similar art of Obama, Clinton, or any other darling of the left?

Make no mistake I am sure someone is working on something right now that is a better depiction than my own picture. If you are going to be outraged about a right-wing reaction, I suggest you start speaking up now.

I don’t think depictions of art like this are necessarily a bad thing because it helps us realize if we are being partisan hacks and hypocrites. That being said, I don’t like depictions of anyone’s head being in anyone’s hand. I don’t like the encouragement of violence towards anyone. I would be just as offended at this picture if the head were Hitler.

3 Ne 12:21-26 Matt 5:21-26


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