The Symphony of Truth

In a day where conventional wisdom and long-held traditions are being turned on their heads, there is an opportunity for all of us to leave sandy, unstable foundations and ground ourselves in the pure, solid truth. Where is that truth to be found? Open and find out.

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Bill Nye is No Longer a Great Science Guy

Over the years, Bill has transformed from the fun, apolitical, exploratory science guy that I treasured into a flashy suit filled with left-wing talking points. He has shifted from being a childhood scientific icon to a cultish leader of the left. The silly theme song has morphed from an energetic and fun "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" to the boring and painful "Pill, pill......pillllllll........poison" that I have to swallow with my regular digest of news. In fact, I tune out most of the time when Bill Nye starts to talk now.

Does this Offend You?

I don't think depictions of art like this are necessarily a bad thing because it helps us realize if we are being partisan hacks and hypocrites. That being said, I don't like depictions of anyone's head being in anyone's hand. I would be just as offended at this picture if the head were Hitler.

Truth-Tellers Be Warned

The world does not treat truth-tellers nicely in their times. Individuals starting at top middle then going clockwise: Socrates, Giordano Bruno, Abinadi, Apostle Peter, Muhammad, William Tyndale, St Stephen, Joseph Smith. Middle: Jesus Christ.

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